September 2023


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The TU Wien cryptography expert Prof. Elena Andreeva was featured in the Puls4 documentary Angriff aus dem Internet (Attack from the Internet).

Prof. Andreeva opens the doors to her research space and group at TU Wien, explaining the role of cryptography in today’s digital world. She also discusses how everyday devices like mobile phones can be vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The documentary sheds light on the importance of preventing cyber attacks, given their ubiquitous growth worldwide, and more specifically, in Austria. As the attackers range from criminals to state-run organizations, the targets vary from public administration and states to critical infrastructure and, not least, private individuals. The documentary presents several cyber attacks and discusses directions for prevention.


Research Seminar


Summer School

Graz Security Week 2023 , organized by the Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communication (IAIK) at Graz University of Technology, is set to take place. This event is specifically tailored for graduate students who are enthusiastic about delving into the intricacies of security and correctness in computing devices. The school will cover a diverse range of topics, including Runtime Security, Side-Channels, Privacy, Secure Cryptographic Implementations, and Security Verification. It offers a unique opportunity for participants to deepen their knowledge and engage in discussions surrounding these critical aspects of computer security.

June 2023



The prestigious “USENIX Security Symposium” has accepted the research paper titled “Glimpse: On-Demand PoW Light Client with Constant-Size Storage for DeFi” authored by Giulia Scaffino, Lukas Aumayr, Zeta Avarikioti, and Matteo Maffei. The paper introduces the innovative “Glimpse” protocol, which facilitates secure cross-chain token transfers in a fully decentralized manner, eliminating the need for large commercial crypto-depots. Notably, the Glimpse protocol is compatible with blockchains that have limited scripting languages. The authors provide a specific implementation of Glimpse for the Liquid Network, a Bitcoin pegged sidechain. The protocol’s security is proven within the Universal Composability (UC) framework, instilling a high level of confidence in its security guarantees. The researchers conducted an economic analysis of the Glimpse protocol, revealing that verifying a simple transaction on Bitcoin-like chains using Glimpse incurs a maximum of 700 bytes of on-chain overhead, resulting in a one-time fee of $3. This fee is only twice as much as a standard Bitcoin transaction, highlighting the cost efficiency of Glimpse. Overall, the advancements presented in the paper unlock exciting possibilities for the world of cryptocurrencies.


Research Seminar


Research Seminar

May 2023


Research Seminar

April 2023


Kick-off event

On April 18, the Technical University of Vienna (TUW) hosted the highly anticipated kick-off event of SPyCoDe, a groundbreaking research program focused on the Semantic and Cryptographic Foundations of Security and Privacy through Composite Design. Generously funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), this initiative aims to delve into the complexities of security and privacy in the digital landscape. The event successfully brought together a diverse group of project participants, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation.

The presentation of the SPyCoDe program covered its purpose, methodology, research plans, 14 projects, and expected results. It captivated not only the students but also garnered approval from esteemed members of the Advisory Board, including Prof. Véronique Cortier (French National Scientific Research Center (CNRS)), Prof. Bart Preneel (Research group COSIC, KU Leuven), and Prof. Christoph Paar (Ruhr-Universität Bochum). The ensuing discussion proved fruitful, providing invaluable insights and advice crucial to the program’s success in achieving its goals.

Throughout the day, participants seized the opportunity to connect with one another, engaging in informal conversations, knowledge exchange, and thought-provoking discussions. These interactions delved into the complex topics underlying the research activities of the program. A series of cross-cutting sessions facilitated collaborative efforts between the PIs and students, fostering interdisciplinary cooperation and kick-starting joint research. These sessions focused on studying various aspects of security analysis, compositionality, reasoning, and other pertinent subjects, fostering intensive and illuminating dialogue.

The Kickoff event marked a promising beginning for the SPyCoDe research program, which aims to shed light on the intricate world of security and privacy in the digital realm. With a diverse array of projects and a dedicated team of researchers, the program is poised to make significant strides in advancing our understanding and addressing the challenges of this ever-evolving field.

September 2022


Start of the 1st Call for 14 PhD positions